Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bloomin' Trees!

Sitting on the porch this morning, with my third cup of coffee, dreamily looking out at the showy spectacle of the bougainvillea blazing away in bloom (they have no shame), I finally really noticed one of our nance trees, which has been in bloom for a while (as usual, click on the photo to get a larger image). In fact, it's past peak bloom and has started to fruit.

Nance is an edible tropical fruit when it comes from cultivated trees. We have about a half dozen mature "wild" trees. When the fruit ripens, flocks of visiting parrots descend on the trees and stay, eating and chattering away, until the fruit is gone.

The flowers are really pretty, I think. I love the combination of colors, of the yellow and orange. You can just see some tiny fruit that's just formed.

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