Friday, May 30, 2008

Rainfall Update

Lloyd Cripe lives in Palmira, which is close to Boquete.  Our climates are not the same; we're hotter and if I listen to the locals here, wetter.  Lloyd just emailed rainfall data for May, including a breakdown of yesterday and the past week.

Yesterday:    9 inches
Past 8 days:  26"
May so far:  40"

So I figure this is low end for us--we might have received more.

His comment was that "we really broke last year's record for May".  All I can say is that last year was the really wet year!  I'm also green with envy--he has all this lovely data and we don't!! (yet)

May is not over, and as I write, at 2:19 pm, rain is falling again after a partly cloudy morning.


Cindy said...

Hi Joyce, Found this blog by accident. We live in El Banco and my husband Paul and I are always debating: Does Boquete get more rain than Potrerillos or vice versa? Would love to have some historical date. Do you know who might have this? Thanks and beautiful presentation. Cindy

Joyce said...

Hi, Cindy,

Look to Cripes' weather blog for the Boquete data. There is historical data on Potrerillos, but it's in the hands of a good friend, Ricardo Espinosa, and I haven't seen it. According to the Espinosas, Potrerillos gets more rainfall than Boquete although it comes in different forms, since we don't have the bajareque. but it's hard to tell. In October, we'll be getting a weather station exactly like Cripes' and we will be able to compare his data with ours.

By the way, the blog has moved to, same name.