Thursday, July 3, 2008


OK, here's the new URL for Living In Potrerillos.  Don't expect perfection--I'll be playing with the new site for a while.


Anonymous said...

Hello Joyce, I really like your blog. I cant wait to go to potrerillos again. :) Keep us updated.. I want a gallina soon jeje.. Have a nice day! Leah

Joyce said...

Hi, Leah!

Great picture from the carretera!

Whne were you in Potrerillos?


Anonymous said...

Where is this place relative to Boquete? I just saw an interesting home for sale on the internet, but am not really sure where it is. Also, what is the weather like? The ad said that the weather was better than Boquete. It said that it was warmer and drier with less wind. What exactly is warmer? What is the yearly range? If anyone who lives there can give me some specific info, I would really appreciate it. Also, how far to a grocery store or other amenities like a bank, a restaurant, etc. Thanks. Fran

BMF said...

Interested in Potrerillos but cannot view your new account because of Privacy settings - Thanks