Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dog Games

Ethel, our 13 year old black Lab, has a toy she adores--a red kong, which we call bong. If presented with the choice of food and the bong, I think she'd be torn, at least for a while (with Labs, food always wins out). When Mary takes the dogs for their afternoon walk, Lucy and Fred, especially Fred, our 2 1/2 year old chocolate Lab (favorite position, upper left photo), try to take the bong away from Ethel, and then run with it, daring her to chase them, which she does. Usually Fred, who is big and strong and not averse to throwing his weight around to get what he wants (typical male), grabs the bong, and away they go.

Yesterday, I tracked them with the cam corder.

The little squeal you hear is from Ethel, who, after 5 minutes or so of chasing after Fred, finally got her bong! ETHEL WINS!! YAY ETHEL!! GO DOG GO!!

I've made it a goal to take as many videos and photos as I can of the dogs, especially of Ethel, who is getting old. Her health is excellent and we can reasonably expect her to live a good life for at least another year and quite possibly longer, but can never have too many photos, too many videos, too many memories.

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