Friday, March 14, 2008

Not So Sure About This

I've resisted doing a blog, because God knows I don't need anything else to distract me from what I really should be doing (weed eating, painting, bathing the dogs, trying to figure out why I'm having such spectacular failure at germinating lettuce, sleeping, reading). But here I am, unable to resist the siren call of vanity.

My only rationalization is that it will be easier, really, to post photos of the dogs, the cats, the garden, Potrerillos, and even clips from my enthusiastic but relatively crude attempts at filming with my really low-end camcorder. Also, I have it on good authority--my daughter-in-law, Bette--that it can be cathartic; toss in a mental health excuse as well.

But mainly I want some easier and more organized way to document my life here in Potrerillos than YouTube for my few videos and FlickR for a collection of photos that just grows but seems sort of useless. I need a framework to keep up my interest and to satisfy the urge to communicate to the world (or that minute fraction thereof which has the slightest interest in reading about it) what I see and experience here.

Hey, if it doesn't work, there's always the Delete option!

So, here goes--expect plenty of changes as I figure out how to customize and modify this thing.

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Don Ray said...

Glad to see another blog in this area. It is always good to get another perspective on this adventure we a re living.