Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alisson Staff

The following video is of an 11 year old girl from Chiriquí, Alisson Staff, who recently won a national competition.  She's a fresh-faced girl who looks perfectly ordinary--until she starts singing.

Mary and I were completely blown away by this girl's voice.  In fact, I spent 2/3 of the first song trying to figure out if she was doing karaoke or something similar but we both agreed later that no, it's her voice.  If so, in a few years, all of Panamá and possibly a good part of the world will be hearing about this young singer.

The first song has to do with some kind of angel, possibly a guardian angel, but not sure--it sounds to me like "juridica" which would be Portuguese, not Spanish, but then who knows.  For some reason, I have a hard time translating all of it but then I'm not one for the normal type of song lyrics--I prefer Pittí's poetry, myself.    Whatever it is, the song itself is a tear-jerker because I happened to glance behind me when Alisson was finished, and Maritza was wiping her eyes.

The second song is a standard girl(boy) meets boy (girl) and falls in love.  No translation needed--I'm sure you'd understand it if it were sung in Farsi or one of the Malay dialects.

That's about it--there were some more entertainers but this has been a massive enough project as it is.  I hope you enjoyed our rural school celebration!

Mary and I are going to make cautious inquiries to see if we can possibly help out in the school.  We're both scientists, we're both former educators, both of us are fanatics about the importance of education.  It would be both fun and satisfying to help out in that particular way.


juanriosvega said...

I really loved your article about Alisson. When I was in high school, many moons ago, I used to study with a girl whose last name was Staff, and she was from Potrerillos. I wonder if it is the same family. Do you know there is a national music contest where Alisson can participate? It's very famous in Panama, especially in Chiriqui since a girl from Boquete won it last year. Check it out.
Greetings from North Carolina.

Joyce said...

Hi, Juan!

Staff is a really common last name in the area, especially around Dolega. The contest you're talking about may indeed be the one she won, and she may indeed be from Boquete. I don't think it was ever announced where she was from--just her name, and it was very clear that she was very well known. So she could be the same girl.

i'll check it out for sure.

Thanks for the information!


Temy said...

Allison is my nice the grandaugther of my brother Nacho.
She is from Rovira a small town near Potrerillos Abajo.
She won the third place early this year at the Canta Conmigo national competition.
Anybody with the Staff last name is related and a German ancestry.
I was born in Rovira but have been living in Arlington Va for the last 35 yeras.
I travel to Panama evey year and was there for 2 months recently.
Im ready to Retire in Rovira and with a few partners we are doing a residencial project called RocaMilagro.
Happy Holidays.
Temy Staff