Sunday, June 8, 2008

Videos from the Brasilian Amazon

Originally, I wanted to post the videos themselves.  I have been trying for almost an hour to upload them, and can't.  Blogger is not the easiest program to work with.  However, I've uploaded to YouTube, and the links are in the text.

These are just two small videos I put together out of tons of footage that I have from my trip last year.  The first one is of a very large woodpecker working for a living. In the background, you can hear a noise that sounds like wind moaning through trees. Nope, it's a troop of howler monkeys, who were carrying on all day that day.

The second one is of my Brasilian guide, Morães, showing off, climbing a strangler fig.  Morães and I had known one another for 3 years, dating back to my first trip to this particular area.  Because I speak Portuguese, in both trips I had an enormous advantage in that I would go out alone with Morães, with no need of a head guide or interpreter, and Morães, who is a native of the area, would tell me all sorts of stories, point out incredible things.  He is a veritable treasure trove of information about the rain forest, the plants and creatures in it, and how people make their living there.

Both videos were taken from a canoe.

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