Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hola, La Chiricana

We love living here in Potrerillos, which is why I decided to stop writing about warning people of risks and go back to what I wanted to do on this blog--show what life is like here.  For us, it is far better than living in the US.  Yes, there are problems but there are problems everywhere, and the ones here are minor compared to those in the US.

We are becoming more Panamanian every day in how we live.  It does look as if the immigration laws are going to change, and if so, we will be eligible for Panamanian citizenship next year.  We have already told our lawyer that we want to apply.  Unless you are a citizen, you can not live fully in a country--you can not fully take part in the life of the country.

The Espinosas spell their appelido with an "s".  We had a funny conversation one day about the fact that there are those who spell it with a "z" and those with an "s".   They are wonderful, warm people.   They have an absolutely incredible huerta.  On Monday, I'm going up to their place during the day so that I can take pictures of their huerta and show people what a subsistence farm looks like here--and all organic.  Not only that, but he mixes up his plantings beautifully to reduce the problems with pests.  However, he is having problems with moscitas blancas--white flies--and at the moment, I am not.  I tease them and tell them that they have an orchid factory.  I will have to do one post just on their orchids.

Unfortunately, until we can somehow get a real fogón (wood-fired stove), we'll never be able to cook some of the really delicious food that Maritza does.

This afternoon, I want to go up to the library and find out more about Charles Colburn and the growth of the Potrerillos library.  Also, the oil paintings are still on display, and I want to take photos of them.

So I have lots planned to show on this blog!

As always, thank you everyone for your comments.  I read every one and appreciate them all.

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