Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some Info on Alisson Staff

I actually wrote a little post about the information the Espinosas gave us about Alisson Staff, but I have this feeling I posted it inadvertently on another blog.  Both are on Blogger and show up on the Dashboard when you're creating a new post.  I was still pretty sick at the time, and I may have just gotten careless.  If so, regulars who belong to the Pulitzer Challenge--reading all the Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction--must have been mystified as to why this post came in about an 11 year old girl and where she lives!  Hey, keeps them on their toes.

Anyway, it turns out that she won the national competition all right--but 3rd prize.  Someone who reads this blog told me that last year a girl from Boquete won it, so it could very well be that two chiriquenas won last year!  That would be exciting.

Alisson is actually from very near here, a little community just a couple miles away from us if that, just south of Potrerillos Abajo.  Just fits in with my general impression that there are a lot of Staffs in that area.

Alisson also turns out to be the daughter of Ricardo Espinosa's cousin.  Families are close here, so naturally the entire clan is very proud of her.

Yesterday morning was beautiful, but today is another in the partially overcast, close, muggy mornings we've had recently.

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