Saturday, June 14, 2008

Songs of Dimas Pittí

Dimas Lidio Pittí (or Pitty) is a famous poet, author, and writer who was born in Potrerillos in 1941.  I had heard about him from Maritza, and had resolved to get some of his works.  He was present at the school celebration, and made a brief presentation about the life of Felix Lara.  This is a very brief video of him below, just to give you an idea of his presence and his voice.

The next videos are of interpretations of some of Pittís poetry, set to music and sung by a young man from the community of Macano which is in Boquerón, near Concepción, and accompanied by the trio of musicians you've already seen and heard.

I don't know what the title of the first poem/song is, but the second one is "Chiriquí, Provincia Mia".

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