Saturday, June 7, 2008

Darío and the Potting Shed

Slowly--and I do mean slowly--Darío has been building a potting shed for me.  I need some sort of structure where I can place my germinating trays and seedling trays, protected from sun and, in January, from the wind.  It doesn't have to be an elaborate greenhouse affair--that's not needed here.  But sun and rain protection is important.

The delay is not his fault; I've had to give up design ideas because either the material I wanted for the roof wasn't available or was simply too expensive.  So, today he's installing the two tarps we're going to use for the roof during the rainy season.  In December, I'll switch over to shade cloth which is readily available here.  One of these weeks, he'll build my work tables for me.  He's already tipped me off to the cheapest place to get reglas and tablas (different sizes of wood) in the area.  I'll get to that next week.

I told him, when I took this picture this morning, that he was going to be internationally famous.  He just laughed, tickled.


Linda & Clyde said...

Dear Joyce,
Good Morning! Tell Dario he is an international celebrity in Poteet, Texas today, hope it makes him smile.

Have a good day!

Linda and Clyde

Joyce said...

Hey thanks, Linda and Clyde!

I honestly think that he really didn't believe me. When he's through work today, I'm going to bring him inside and show him the blog post. I'll make sure to read him your comment--he really will get a big kick out of it. He's a great guy.


sunshine said...

Hi Joyce,

apologies, not been around for a week or so. Thanks for the updates on the internet and weather there (in the other threads). I love to go back and read your writings on this superbly informative blog.

Tell Dario he is now an international superstar in Ireland!

That looks like it's gonna be a great place for gardening. The concrete base looks excellent.

As always, all my best.


Joyce said...

Hi, Will!! so good to see your trademark signature again!

After work, I showed Darío the blog, his picture--I translated Linda and Clyde's comment to him. He giggled, but then looked as if he didn't quite know what to make of it all. I rattled off a list of countries where people read the blog and he looked a little dazed. Then he giggled again!

Well, I'll know further when he comes back on Saturday. Usually when he's not quite sure, he thinks things over and then comes back and asks me a dozen questions.

I'll have to show him the Potrerillos Infoplaza blog before he quite understands what blogs are about, I think. Like so many Panamanians, he knows what computers are but doesn't have one, has never touched one, and I think he has only a hazy idea of what the Internet really is. We take so much for granted because we're so accustomed to technology, but in Darío's case, he's only read about it. His imagination is good, but I'm not sure how far he can stretch it.

But I'll be sure to tell him of his popularity in Ireland!


Joyce said...

Oh yes--you can see the banana 'trees' in the background, and if you look REALLY closely, you can see the stalk of bananas that is ripening just below the tarp.


Tom said...

Hello from Florida Joyce. Love the blog. Make sure you put some form of diagonal bracing on your shade house. You could use wire, rope or wood. I would hate to see Dario's creation messed up by a thunderstorm.

Regards to all

Joyce said...

Hi, Tom,

I was actually kind of surprised that he didn't put any diagonal bracing up, because everything else he's built for us has it, but what do I know about building, right? I'll talk to him about it on Tuesday when he returns here.

Thanks for the suggestion! Glad you're enjoying the blog.


Joyce said...

Hi, tom--

A follow up--i really HATE being stupid but the fact is, those corner posts are sunk a foot and a half into the ground. which I forgot. the structure is probably fine as is.