Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Really Good Overview on Immigration

A blog I read daily is La Gringa's Blogicito, by an American woman living in La Ceiba, Honduras.  I most certainly can relate to many of the things she writes about, although I think we have it somewhat easier here in Panamá (but not as much as she thinks we do).  

Today I browsed her Website and checked out her page on Immigration to Honduras.  It is outstanding.  While a few of her points are applicable only to Honduras--such as the differences between the Bay Islands and the continent--just about everything she says there should be taken to heart by anyone who is thinking of immigrating to Panamá.  My only possible difference with one point is that I had exceptional service from the Panamanian consulate in Los Angeles, which was the closest to where we lived.  I was on the phone so often with them because of checking and rechecking the Panamanian requirements for animal immigration that we began to recognize one another by voice tone.  They were  patient and helpful, always kind and polite.

This post is succinct and is worth your careful attention.  She says what we all say, those of us who have no financial or other interest in promoting immigration, and she says it very, very well.

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